Fundacion EcoMinga (EcoMinga Foundation in English) is an Ecuadorian foundation dedicated to the conservation of the unique alpine grasslands, cloud forests, and foothill forests in the Eastern Andes, on the edge of the Amazon basin. We work mainly in the upper Rio Pastaza watershed (east-central Ecuador), where we own six reserves whose total area is almost 5000 hectares (12000 acres), covering all elevations from 1100m to 3860m.

This blog keeps you updated about EcoMinga’s conservation work in eastern Ecuador, and gives news about the plants and animals of our reserves there (discoveries, rare sightings, natural history, etc). These posts will often refer to material on our website, www.ecominga.net or on my own site, www.loujost.com. We hope you subscribe to these news posts, and we hope you will find them interesting! We also hope that if you are able, you might donate to help keep us afloat. See www.ecominga.net for information about how to donate.

Este sitio da noticias sobre el trabajo de la Fundacion EcoMinga en el Ecuador, y tambien sobre nuestras animales y plantas. Por favor vease  www.ecominga.netwww.loujost.com para mas informacion sobre estos temas. Lamento que en este momento todo esta en inglis, pero poco a poco vamos a cambiar esto.

Gracias, thanks for visiting,

Lou Jost

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