Spectacled Bear scratching tree

Various researchers have been using camera traps in our reserves for several years now, and recently Leo Sooter lent us his own camera trap, via the World Land Trust. With the images and videos from these cameras, we are slowly learning to identify individual Spectacled Bear, Mountain Tapir, Mountain Lion, and other reserve residents that we rarely see. We just upgraded this blog to accept videos, so this is a test post to see how it works. We hope to share videos or images of each bear that lives in our reserves. Maybe we can use this information to see how long they live, and whether they are reproducing enough to sustain the population. We will thus be able to measure our success (or failure) in conserving these big mammals.

So meet Jose, a male Spectacled Bear in our Cerro Candelaria Reserve who gets really excited about having his back scratched. Precisely similar dances are performed by Black Bears in the US. This particular video comes courtesy of our reserve manager Juan Pablo Reyes, who made it while working on a Mountain Tapir conservation project coordinated by PCTA (Proyecto Conservacion del Tapir Andino) with partners Fundacion Oscar Efren Reyes, Sanca Arajuno Centro Ecologico, Finding Species, the Tapir Specialist Group of the IUCN, and ourselves (EcoMinga).

If readers have problems with seeing this video, please let me know in the comments.

Happy Darwin Day!!

Lou Jost

7 thoughts on “Spectacled Bear scratching tree

    • Thanks Lorie. Today I replaced the video with a newly edited version that zooms more and follows the bear a bit. Quality is worse because of the zooming but you can see more of the bear. Hope it still looks ok.

  1. Gracias por compartir estas imágenes de un oso en libertad Lou.
    Nuestro centro de rescate tiene desde hace ya varios meses un osezno al que acogimos y gracias al cuidado recibido por nuestra gente, ha crecido mucho y muuuy bien!
    Mónica y Juan

    • Es una animal muy travieso, siempre cuando pasan a nuestras cameras se intentan mordirlas o sacarlas. Asi tuvimos que armar una caja metalica para proteger las cameras…Sopongo que ustedes tienen manos llenas con las traviesas del osito…

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