Golden-rumped Euphonia video

Recently I wrote about the fascinating poop of the Golden-rumped Euphonia (Euphonia cyanocephala). Today while recovering from a cold I made this video through my kitchen window of the same euphonia eating its preferred food, mistletoe berries. Enjoy!

Lou Jost

5 thoughts on “Golden-rumped Euphonia video

  1. Wonderful view to recover from a cold Lou! Gracias por compartir esta imagen! Que te cures de la gripe pronto! Saludos. Mónica y Juan

  2. Lovely bird, lovely berries and even lovely poop– like a string of pearls!
    Thanks for sharing via your eyes, lens and kitchen window.
    Get well soon.

  3. What a treat to watch!

    Does mistletoe fruit continuously, or do they have alternate food sources at other times of the year?

    • Good question. The plants in front of my window produce fruits continuously throughout the year, and the individual fruits also last a very long time. As you imply, that is unusual among fruits, even in the tropics.

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