Our volcano re-awakens, nice fireworks!

Our volcano, Volcan Tungurahua, re-awakened two days ago after a long period of inactivity. Nothing to worry about, but some nice displays! There was only about one hour of warning signs (small earth tremors) prior to the eruption, which sent ash clouds 7 km up into the sky. I didn’t have the chance to take pictures, so I include one from the Instituto Geofisico which monitors the volcano.

Volcan Tungurahua erupting Feb 26, 2016. Photo: Francisco Vasconez, Instituto Geofisico.

Volcan Tungurahua erupting Feb 26, 2016. Click to enlarge! Photo: Francisco Vasconez, Instituto Geofisico.

For more information visit the Instituto Geofisico website.

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Lou Jost

2 thoughts on “Our volcano re-awakens, nice fireworks!

  1. OK, Lou, watch out for yourself. That situation looks a little dicey for Baños…

    Have ash clouds descended on any of the Ecominga sites?

    • Hi Jim,
      No, there are no problems at all. This is one of the most exciting things for visitors to see. Hope it is still active when you come! Because of the prevailing winds from the Amazon, all the ash goes west, and almost never falls on our reserves (which are all east of the volcano). The exception is our Chamana Reserve, which is right next to the volcano. If the winds are calm (as they often are at night), this reserve can get dusted with ash.

      Meanwhile last night I found a snake in my bedroom. You as a herpetologist would be one of the few people who might understand the coolness of that! I think it was a false coral snake. Will take some pictures today and put them up on the blog or send them to you.

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