Manduriacu Reserve from the air

In my last two posts (here and here) I discussed our new Manduriacu Reserve and its inhabitants. Today I present Sebastian Kohn’s drone video which shows the reserve from above. Note the high misty ridgeline in the background at around the 2:40 mark– the reserve extends to that ridgeline at around 2000m.

Thanks, Sebastian, for making this video!

Lou Jost

12 thoughts on “Manduriacu Reserve from the air

  1. Wonderful images of Manduriacu Reserve gently flying through the air. Be sure and extend my thanks to Sebastian Hohn, too. I looked on Google Earth to find that preserve and found it north of Quito, quite far from Baños. That would make your visits there may, too infrequent.

    • Dan, thanks for enjoying the video. Yes, it is far from Banos, though our Dracula Reserve is even farther. Sebastian (who lives in Quito), Ryan Lynch, and a hired local caretaker (who has been caring for the forest for some time now) will be the main caretakers of this reserve.

    • Hi Peter, that’s bizarre. I just checked and there is a real blog connected with kmc123 and the above comment is on it. WordPress often has crazy issues.

      Anyway, to answer your question, the structure is a wooden house next to an old pasture.

      • [orchid logo COLOR small]

        I figured it out. About a year ago I took a 3 hour course in word press. I wanted to build a small web site for Kathi. Her initials are kmc and the image of he turtle and the fox was to be part of her home page. That was the start of the ‘prettyartblog’.

        Then I forgot all about it.

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