Puma Food

Puma food


This brocket deer (Mazama sp) is acting very nervous. No wonder— it can probably smell the human scent on the camera, and it happens to be standing on the spot where a puma regularly marks its territory (see my previous post‘s video of the puma taken with this same camera at the same spot), and the tree trunk which the deer is smelling towards the end of the video is regularly scent-marked by a Spectacled Bear (again, see the video taken at this same spot in my previous post).  For a fragile little animal with a keen sense of smell, this must be a very frightening spot indeed.


We have more videos of prey items crossing this spot, but my internet connection is too bad right now to upload them. Hopefully I will be able to fix the connection problem in a few days.


Camera trap set up by Javier Robayo, Juan Pablo Reyes, and  Hector Yela. Camera courtesy University of Basel Botanical Garden.


Lou Jost

EcoMinga Foundation

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