Eaglet still doing well


Each afternoon Andy, Abel, or Santiago capture the baby and return it to the safety of the trees. Photo: Abel Recalde.


Santiago Recalde carrying the baby. Photo: Abel Recalde.


The baby’s claws. Photo: Abel Recalde.


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Our rescued eaglet is still alive in its home forest. Every day it comes down from its artificial nest, trying to get to its real nest, and every evening Abel and Andy find the bird and put it back in its artificial nest so it won’t be eaten by predators. It is being fed by Andy and Abel, but a few days ago it had food in its stomach presumably given by its one of its parents. This is an excellent sign, and confirms the importance of keeping the bird near its parents during rehabilitation. We want this bird to grow up to join the wild population, not to be a pet. It is getting close to being able to fly, and from then on, we hope we can leave it alone.


The eaglet. Photo: Abel Recalde.



Eaglet in its nest. Photo: Abel Recalde.

Lou Jost, Fundacion EcoMinga.


El aguilucho sigue haciéndolo bien
Traducción: Salomé Solórzano Flores
**IMG 01**- Cada tarde Andy, Abel o Santiago capturan al polluelo y lo regresan a la seguridad de los árboles. Fotografía: Abel Recalde
**IMG 02**- Santiago Recalde cargando al polluelo. Fotografía: Abel Recalde
**IMG 03**-  Las garras del polluelo. Fotografía: Abel Recalde
Nuestro aguilucho rescatado sigue vivo en su bosque nativo. Cada día cae de su nido artificial, tratando de regresar a su nido natural, y cada noche Abel y Andy encuentran al ave y lo ponen de regreso en su nido artificial de modo que no sea depredada. Ha sido alimentada por Andy y Abel, pero hace unos pocos días, tenía comida en su estómago, presumiblemente dado por sus padres. Esto es una señal excelente, y confirma la importancia de mantener al ave cerca de sus padres durante la rehabilitación. Queremos que esta ave crezca para unirse a la población salvaje, no para ser una mascota. Cada vez se acerca más a ser capaz volar, y desde entonces, esperamos poder dejarlo solo.
**IMG 04**- Aguilucho en su nido. Fotografía: Abel Recalde

Lou Jost, Fundacion EcoMinga.

3 thoughts on “Eaglet still doing well

  1. Lou: Thanks for keeping us updated on this baby’s progress! I, and all my rehabber
    friends following this story, applaud the tenacity and caring of Andy & Abel! We
    understand the stress of this operation
    and how difficult yet rewarding! Vera Lee

    • Thanks Vera Lee! Hope your own rescue birds are doing well. This eaglet seems to have enormous determination. We’ll do our best to get the bird through these trying times. Abel and Andy have bonded with it and will not let anything happen to it.

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