EcoMinga friend Andreas Kay has died

I’m sorry to report that my friend and EcoMinga associate Andreas Kay, who was suffering from incurable brain cancer (see this post), has died today. His friends will make sure that his work lives on.


Note added Oct 21 2019: Heinz Schneider, our partner at the University of Basel Botanical Garden, has set up a website in memory of Andreas, with a detailed directory to his online photos, organized by subject:



7 thoughts on “EcoMinga friend Andreas Kay has died

  1. I’m so sad to hear this. I know you’ll miss your friend, and many more of us will miss the art and insights that he shared so freely.

  2. This is terrible news, I’m so sorry to hear this. Our BugShot group just visited Ecuador in August and Andreas’ photographs were both an inspiration and an excellent reference.

    Are there plans to secure his photographs in a long-term archive?

    • Hi Alex, yes, he has given copies of his hard drives to me and to several others. I am not sure how to make this accessible, but he said his best photos are already on his Flickr channel. I do not know how long that will stay up.

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