Youth Land Trust partners honored by Nat Geo and Explorers Club


One of our expansion areas in the Dracula Reserve. Drone image made by Callie Broaddus, founder of Youth Land Trust.

As I’ve mentioned before on this blog, Reserva: Youth Land Trust is one of our partners building the Dracula Reserve. This week its founder, Callie Broaddus, was honored by inclusion in the Explorer Club’s inaugural list of fifty people changing the world! 

Click to access EC-50-2.pdf



Callie in our Dracula Reserve. Photo: Javier Robayo/EcoMinga.

Callie has been instrumental in the purchase of an important extension of the Dracula Reserve, by mobilizing a new generation of conservation activists around the world. Congratulations Callie! Callie is also an accomplished photographer, and we will see more of her work here shortly.

“It is such an honor to be part of this diverse group of people who are working to understand, explore, and protect our world! An idea is only as good as the people who implement it, so I share this with the Reserva community and our partners EcoMinga, Rainforest Trust, and GEOS Foundation. And a biiiig thank you to Joe Grabowski for the nomination!”

Callie’s Reserva team also includes two young people, Lucy Houliston and Sruthi Guriudev,  who were honored yesterday by National Geographic for their impact as communicators about global conservation: They were recognized as two of Nat Geo’s 24 Fall 2020 “Young Explorers”:

Our Fall 2020 Young Explorers Prove There Is Always Reason For Hope

Lucy has visited the Dracula Reserve several times and, along with other Reserva team members, has written extensive field notes about these visits. I highly recommend these accounts.


Front row left to right: Callie Broaddus, Lucy Houliston, Carter Ries. Back row left to right: Marco Montero, one of EcoMinga’s orchid experts, and Javier Robayo, EcoMinga’s Western Reserves coordinator.



Lucy at the Casa Dracula on the outskirts of the Dracula Reserve. Photo: Callie Broadus.

Congratulations to Callie, Lucy, and Sruthi for these well-deserved honors, and thanks for helping us protect these endangered northwest Andean forests.

Lou Jost, Fundacion EcoMinga



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