6 thoughts on “Miners illegally enter our Dracula Reserve and nearby properties

  1. In registering for a webinar set for August 25, 9-1030 EST, by TNRC, Targetting Natural Resource Corruption, “Lessons from the field: assessing corruption risks that undermine law enforcement action against natural resource crimes,” I was invited to submit a question( s), so I said, is human personality absorbed into a mendacious social experiment through inculcation of bildung or scientific materialist attitudes toward nature? You turned away some guys trying to do their jobs, and they met you with handshakes, so I guess you’re alright. But you should see Cynthia Chung’s discussion, “Why the West funds terrorism,” at her substack archive, posted 10 hours ago, where she quotes from the Verdi opera ‘Othello,’ and the words of Iago, which are scarey. There are motives and actions that modern society is caught in, I think, that preclude there from being, love. But as for the webinar, contact Allison.Taylor@wwfus.org.

    • We try to distinguish between the men doing their jobs and the decision-makers who tell them what to do. The decision-makers know they are making illegal decisions, but the workers don’t know anything about the larger issues. The workers are not at fault.

  2. Es lamentable que los mineros ilegales ingresen en áreas protegidas para destruir quebradas y ecosistemas únicos donde habitan especies de gran importancia que necesitan ser conservadas. Sigan adelante con su trabajo de conservar estos bosques, felicitaciones a la Fundación Ecominga y todo su equipo.

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