Fundacion EcoMinga is rated among the top ten most scientifically productive “universities” in Ecuador!


A few days ago the Ecuadorian press named the ten universities which had produced the most life science publications over the last year in Ecuador. The reports were based on a database maintained by the prestigious journal Nature, which keeps track of the number of science articles published in the world’s high-quality journals..

It sounds crazy but EcoMinga Foundation is #9 in this list of the top ten “universities”! This is kind of embarassing for the many real universities that did not get ranked. We are smaller than any of them.

We have always placed a  high priority on our science, because we believe it leads to good decision-making in our conservation work. We locate our reserve sites (and manage them) based on this science. Still, this listing was completely unexpected, and a very nice surprise. Strangely, it seems to be based on only one article this year, though our output is actually much higher.

Lou Jost, Fundacion EcoMinga

5 thoughts on “Fundacion EcoMinga is rated among the top ten most scientifically productive “universities” in Ecuador!

  1. Lou, let me congratulate you ,and your associates for the work you do.
    I am proud to be( even distantly through the OCA,) associated with you and EcoMinga.

  2. “Sounds crazy, completely unexpected, but definitely a very nice surprise” as you rightly say Lou. It shows the importance of the scientific studies done by Ecominga! Congratulations!

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