We need your help to continue protecting these forests. If you can, consider donating to EcoMinga. The larger donations may be rewarded by having a new species named after you! There are several ways to donate, depending on where you live and whether you need a tax reciept.

Wherever you live, you can always send us a bank transfer, though since we are an Ecuadorian charity, you will not earn a tax deduction for this in your home country. Write me ( for banking details.

For US citizens: The Orchid Conservation Alliance has a PayPal button for donations to EcoMinga. They also can accept checks made out to the Orchid Conservation Alliance and sent to:
Orchid Conservation Alliance
c/o Peter Tobias
564 Arden Drive
Encinitas, CA 92024-4501
These donations are passed on to us directly with no deductions for overhead, thanks to the kindness of the directors of that group. In the past they have helped us especially with our Rio Anzu Reserve. They are a registered US charity, so if you ask Peter Tobias (email: to send you a receipt, he will do so, and you will get a tax deduction. Important: If you make a donation this way, please clearly specify it is for EcoMinga (the OCA also funds other worthy projects, not just ours) and write me ( so I can follow up with the OCA. If you intend for your donation to go to a specific EcoMinga project, let us know. (We prefer that donations be unrestricted so we can have the flexibility to cover our most urgent needs.)

There are other US foundations that work with us and raise money for our specific projects. The most important of these is the Rainforest Trust; in the past they have helped us set up our Rio Zunac Reserve, and are now deeply involved in the creation of our northwest Choco region reserve. Donations to them are also tax-deductable. As with the OCA, they support many worthy foundations; if you intend your donation to go the EcoMinga Foundation, please clearly state this.

For UK citizens: Our largest sponsor has been the World Land Trust, whose patrons include Sir David Attenborough. Donations to them count as charitable donations for UK citizens. This trust also works with many other excellent partners; if you want your donation to go to us, clearly state this.

Me presenting Sir David Attenborough with a photo of his tree, Blakea attenboroughii, in London. Photo: Nigel Simpson.

Me presenting Sir David Attenborough with a photo of his tree, Blakea attenboroughii, in London. Darin Penneys and I named this new tree after him in honor of his support for the World Land Trust’s conservation efforts. Photo: Nigel Simpson.

In other countries: We sometimes have contacts with charitable trusts in other countries. Write me for information:

Thanks very much!!
Lou Jost

12 thoughts on “Donate

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  9. Hi there,

    I’m in Quito now but hoping, if possible, to visit the Rio Anzu Reserve. I’m having a lot of trouble trying to find information on how exactly to get there, where to stay, etc. I understand that it’s a private reserve, so maybe it’s not open to the public? If that’s the case, I’d be happy to make a donation to ecominga in exchange for the privelege to go hiking there for a couple days.


  10. Mark, as I wrote you in another comment, please write me at gmail, username loujost, or call me 0992449029. What would you like to do there? It is our smallest reserve (80 ha); depending on your interests, one day may be enough. Our nearby Rio Zunac Reserve is much larger and you can spend weeks or months hiking around in that one, or in our Cerro Candelaria Reserve.

  11. Hi there,

    A few days ago I went to Dracula Reserve. Amazing experience. I’m back in Quito now but hoping, if possible, to visit the Reserve once again. I’m working on a project involving soundscapes from different natural places. I understand that it’s a private reserve but I was hoping to get your authorization for those recordings. Of course I would gladly pay for the visit and give ecominga the credit for the soundscapes.


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